Renata Von Kouh-Wright, Physiotherapist, Osteopath
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Renata Von Kouh-Wright is a Physiotherapist (BSc), an Osteopath (BSc), and a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) based in Dubai. She joined ANF Therapy®️ in 2017.

“With ANF, I see miracles daily!”

What would your practice be like if you didn’t have ANF in your toolbox?

It would be boring. I almost gave up on physiotherapy many years ago. With my health history, I have always been searching for answers. Medical school never actually gave me answers.

My main goal with physiotherapy and getting into healthcare was to relieve pain. Think, for example, a patient with a frozen shoulder. You must break a lesion, and the patient screams, but you carry on. But then the patient returns to you and says they have more pain. For me, this doesn’t seem right.

I wanted to go deeper, so I also went to study osteopathy and have been to so many courses, but nothing gave me answers.

And then I met Dr. Mikel, and suddenly, he told me all the answers.

Can they experience pain reduction within the first session?

“Yes. Ever since starting with ANF, I have seen miracles daily. That’s what our mission in healthcare is.

I had a case of a lady who came from the Philippines to be treated. She couldn’t bend her knee. She had really bad osteoarthritis for more than thirty years. She came because of her daughter. Her daughter had chronic lower back pain, and the pain was gone after three sessions. Eight years of back pain were gone in three sessions of ANF.

This daughter said she was going to bring her mom. Her mom had done PRPs, injections, and many things, but she only didn’t get better temporarily.

She came for her first session; we put the devices on, she sat, and her knee bent. She was surprised. She stood up and said she could run a marathon. She felt so good, and she was able to walk.

Renata & Dr Mikel

Why is gaining advanced palpation skills so important?

It’s important. Dr. Mikel always says we must be able to do surgery with our hands. It’s fascinating how your hands can tell you and guide you.

When your hands are connected to your brain, you can tell what the patient needs. It’s really amazing.

Do you have something to say to those who have never heard of ANF Therapy®️ or want to start the education but haven’t decided yet?

If you’re passionate and want to help people bring back their quality of life, if you’re going to look for the root cause and treat it from there, then this is for you. So be open and ask questions.

Dr. Mikel is used to skeptics too. It’s something that you have to try to understand. It’s impossible to look at and judge it. We have yet to learn how these little Devices can make a difference in the physiology and deeper into the cellular level of patients. So if you have yet to decide, do not miss it because it is a life-changer.