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ANF Academy is a Neuro biofrequency Education Centre that offers a unique and advanced curriculum to comprehend the intricate neurological functioning of the human body. The Academy’s comprehensive curriculum integrates human anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and neuroscience, focusing on neuro-frequency medicine and emphasizing hands-on clinical training of ANF Therapy®️ Method. We aim to enable you as a medical practitioner to diagnose and treat various health issues effectively. Additionally, ANF Academy builds a community of medical practitioners, providing a network for knowledge exchange and collaboration, and aims to position you as a medical practitioner at the forefront of healthcare innovation.
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4 Pillars Of Knowledge

Neuro Frequency Medicine


Biochemistry & Resources

Understand the roles of cells, molecules, hormones, and vitamins in creating neuronal fusions and frequencies to repair body dysfunctions.

Understand the communication and interactions between organs, glands, and cells, be able to restore fusions and maintain their balance, with specific emphasis on:

  • Neuro biochemical processes in the lymphatic, cardiovascular, and nervous systems.
  • Clinical neuroscience, cell communication, and biochemical immune responses.

Learn about the essential biochemical functions needed to normalize body processes and their collaborative impact across various systems.

Help you find the root cause of the problem instead of treating only symptoms.

Neurological Functions

Understand the complexity and functions of the nervous system to enhance self-healing capabilities through ANF Therapy®️.

Gain knowledge about:

  • Neuro biochemical functions and how they impact the human body.
  • The role of human neurological frequencies and neural fusions in healing.
  • The nervous system’s prioritization system for resource allocation during recovery.

Understand the neurological processes involved in healing, recovery, and pain and inflammation management.

Acquire detailed insights into the consequences of damaged oscillation and neurological dysfunctions, and learn strategies for their repair using ANF Therapy®️.

Neuro Frequency Medicine

Discovering revolutionary and advanced technology that allows the body to repair itself using neurological frequencies, eliminating the need for chemicals, medication and drugs.

Learning about:

  • The use of neurological frequencies to optimize body functions and repair neurological dysfunctions.
  • Non-invasive, non chemical approaches which offer both fast and long-term patient results.

Learn how Frequency medicine utilizes specific frequencies to influence biochemical functions in the body, repair neurological frequencies and prevent disease and inflammation. 

To understand how ANF Therapy®️ Method uses the combination of ANF Neuro Tech Devices to create fusions and optimize functions to reach top health outcomes.

Clinical Training

Teaches ANF students how to expertly palpate the skeletomuscular, nervous, lymphatic, digestive, and endocrine systems to find the root cause of pain, injury, or pathology.

Training highlights include:

  • Advanced clinical skills and clinical neurological examination techniques.
  • Methods to distinguish between healthy and inflamed nerves.
  • Techniques to explore the physical consequences of damaged neurological oscillation.
  • Strategies to find and address the root cause of pain, injury, or pathology, focusing in treatment of causes over symptoms.

The ANF Clinical Training Program:

  • Begins with developing skills to locate, feel, and assess main nerves and the level of inflammation.
  • Develops advanced clinical skills to find interconnections of the different body systems and the root cause of symptoms. 
  • Educates on the different phases of treatment using ANF Neuro Tech Devices aligned with the healing phases of injured tissues.

ANF Clinical Training Program provides expertise on the ANF Therapy®️ Method to manage injuries and inflammation effectively, aiming for optimal patient outcomes.

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Why Are We Different?

Traditional Medicine ANF Therapy® Other Frequency Modalities
Unique & High-level Education Program
Advanced Clinical Knowledge
Detailed Neurological Examination
Finds and Targets The Root Cause Of Diseases
Treatment Of Symptoms Only
Use Of Chemicals
Invasive Techniques
Targets The Neurological System
Normalises Neural Oscillation
Activates Biochemical Processes For Self-Healing
Faster, Efficient, and Long-lasting Treatment Results
Prevent Injuries
Normalize Tissue Healing