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Are you tired of seeing your patients return with the same issues despite your best efforts?

Join us for an exclusive webinar where we will discover how healthcare professionals can normalize neurological oscillation to achieve effective & long-term results for orthopedic injuries.

With a decade of remarkable clinical results, we understand the power of the neurological system and biochemical resources.

You will get:

  • Introduction to a technique for recognizing and addressing neural oscillation weakness

  • A deeper understanding of the power of the neurological system and biochemical resources for healing

  • Strategies for achieving fast and long-term results for orthopedic injuries

  • An innovative approach to healing that neutralizes obstacles and maintains strong neural oscillations

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to discover how to normalize neurological oscillation and achieve effective and long-term results for orthopedic injuries.

Limited availability – book your spot to secure one of the max 300 spots.

Attendee Feedback

  • “Overall, the webinar was great, and all the content was exciting and refreshing. The biochemical explanation is incredible.”

    Grace Nozomi Yamazaki, Physical Therapist

  • “The Academic Content was excellent, easy to grasp, and easy to remember, with lots of information you don’t get in any books or online. The lecture was also very well-organized.”

    Vidhushi Vedhara, Physical Therapist

  • “This webinar fulfilled all my expectations and much more. It is a game-changer. We all need to educate people about this so they know that help is very close.”

    Aleksandra Zjalic, Physical Therapist

  • “The webinar was beneficial, and I was happy to attend. It has helped improve my knowledge.”

    Saleh Alhammad, Physical Therapist

Helen Slama, Physical Therapist, USA

I learned so much, it deffinetly opened my mind. It is a different view on how to treat patients. Just take the course and you will see.

Geoffrey Montagne-Smith, Osteopath, UK

I didn’t know how immediate these frequencies, when applied to the body and in the correct place, would impact the physiology of the body

Daniel Figueredo, Manual Therapist, USA

Ever since I joined ANF Education, there are so many things I can do for my patients.

Paul Carlson, Physical Therapist, USA

I thought I had a good clinical understanding until I came to the ANF Academy.

Krista Merrill, Manual Therapist & NKT, USA

I have seen amazing things happen thanks to the ANF treatment with my and my patients.

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