Unlocking Therapy Success: Focus on the Neurological System

Physiotherapist Irina Heinisuo Berna is an ANF Academy Manager & Mater Instructor from Spain.

Can you explain the ANF Academy’s mission and main goals to those unfamiliar with ANF Academy?

ANF Academy is made for healthcare professionals. We offer a unique understanding of the human body, especially the neurological system. At the same time, we are also offering an advanced technology, the ANF Device, that can help reduce inflammation within minutes. All our healthcare professionals use the ANF Therapy®️ method to help their patients with many different symptoms and injuries.


   By comprehending the neurological system and its functions, therapists can identify root causes more efficiently instead of focusing on symptoms.

What are the principles and techniques taught in the ANF Academy that differentiates ANF education from other medical educational programs?

One of the most important modules of ANF education is the neurological system. It is taught differently than other universities or education programs because it covers more of the frequency medicine aspect. By teaching the ANF neurological system and understanding how it works and all its functions, the therapist can find the root cause of the problem instead of going into the symptom, as we mentioned before. Also, with the ANF Device, it can directly address the root cause of the problem. That is the biggest difference compared to other programs.

Which conditions or alignments showed notable improvements with ANF?

We have many cases. One of the most attractive benefits or aspects of ANF Therapy®️ is that it works for many conditions and most of the conditions, especially when it is inflammation related. It means that everything, any pain. One of the cases that is more relevant could be patients with shoulder pain. A shoulder injury can have many reasons, like tendinopathy or joint issue. But sometimes, many healthcare professionals will know what I am about to say; shoulder pain can be organ-related. 

With ANF Therapy®️, we are not only targeting the symptom, but we are also able to target the root cause. We, as well as our students of ANF Therapy®️, have seen cases where applying just a couple of devices on the liver area, the patient has gotten a better range of motion and less pain. It is just by addressing the organ instead of addressing the shoulder itself.  

What I’ve seen until now is that people and therapists, in general, like to hear success stories. Please share a little bit more.

I can talk more about low back pain because low back pain is a chronic condition many patients have. Many patients will go to a healthcare professional to eliminate that constant pain or that crisis. With ANF education, we help the student and the ANF Therapist to approach low back pain and target the root cause of the problem. 

For example, the reasons for low back pain can be from weak gluteal muscles, inflamed nerves around the pelvis, or it can even be gut-related. So there are different possibilities where the patient can have this problem, and the ANF therapist can approach any of them. The ANF therapist can decide, for example, to do a protocol for the psoas if the low back pain is psoas-related. The ANF Therapist can also create a protocol for the gut if that could be the source of that low back pain.

The great thing with ANF Therapy®️ is that the therapist can see the result immediately. That means the patient is on the bench, the ANF therapist decides, creates the diagnosis, creates the protocol, and applies the ANF Devices. And within 10 minutes, you can see the patient moving differently and experiencing that pain reduction. 

One of the important effects of ANF Therapy®️ is how fast it works and what you can do within one visit. You can rule out some of the root causes or inflammations in the patient.

Do you have a message for those interested in enrolling in ANF education but still need to register?

Yes. The first level is just nine hours of interactive online training and is very manageable. Do the first course to try for yourself. The most impressive effect of ANF is when you see it for yourself. Even if you have an injury yourself, you can create a protocol and apply it to your injury. You will immediately notice how ANF Therapy®️ works. If you have a patient with a chronic injury, you have tried many different techniques. You have done and applied everything you have learned during your professional career. After these nine hours of learning, you can try ANF Therapy®️, and you will see for yourself. It’s better always to try instead of being skeptical forever. Give it a try.

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