Alexandra Zjalic, Physiotherapist, Austria
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Santiago Villamil is a physical therapist, certified ANF Therapist & Instructor from the USA.

“The best medical devices in the world – ANF Devices!”

What would your practice be like if you didn’t have ANF in your toolbox?

It would be limited in how I can serve my patients, and I would not be able to facilitate proper healing and wellness like I can with ANF in my toolbox.

What do your patients say about ANF?


They love it! They are surprised when they see what kind of results they can get.
Being holistic means, I can positively influence their lives and decrease their pain which most medical professionals and hospitals can’t. And, of course, without side effects. “

How would you describe patients’ compliance with treatment?

They are very compliant because the whole process is effortless for them. They show up and allow me to find the root cause of their issue, then I make a personalized protocol and apply ANF Devices.

The most important thing my patients need to do is drink plenty of water. Of course, I use my physical therapy skills, as well, to advise them on what kind of activities to do or avoid or what type of rehab they need.

The most important part is to allow the body to heal. Avoid pushing to the limit all the time. I want my patients to heal and improve their quality of life.

Can your patients experience pain reduction within the first treatment?

My goal is to reduce pain by at least 50%. It can be better than that if I find the source within the first session.

When you use ANF Devices as your primary tool for pain relief, can you provide desired results faster?

Absolutely! ANF Devices are the main tool I use in my clinic. As a physical therapist, I have different methods to make my patients feel better. Still, with ANF, I know I’m restoring their neurological function and repairing neurological signals that optimize the body’s functions.

ANF Devices are the best medical devices in the world right now. That is my opinion because of the patient’s results.

Tell me about a case scenario that used to take a long time to achieve the goal, but after using ANF, you can obtain the desired results much faster.

I would say frozen shoulder. It used to take 6-8 weeks to see clients’ results. However, with ANF, I can increase their range of motion (ROM) and decrease their pain in minutes.

What would you say to therapists that still don’t use/or know about ANF Therapy®️?

It is the future of medicine. We, healthcare professionals, have had the wrong approach to healing for a long time. I don’t even call it healthcare. I call it sick care.

When you enter ANF Education, you will dive deeper into frequencies and how the body really works. You will gain advanced palpation skills and learn how to find the root cause of your patient’s pain and how to address it with ANF Devices.

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