Geoffrey Montague-Smith, Osteopath, United Kingdom
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Geoffrey Montague-Smith is an Osteopath & certified ANF therapist from the United Kingdom!

“I thought I was making great results until I discovered ANF.”

What did you learn here that no other therapy or tool showed you?

We had an excellent foundation in anatomy when I was at the osteopathic school for a four-year course in osteopathic medicine. And we did dissection, which only some people get to do.

We had an outstanding education in systems medicine. And then, obviously, the practical application of that knowledge into the human body from the standpoint of osteopathic medicine.

They didn’t teach me to palpate properly. I didn’t learn how to find and track the nerve. And they didn’t teach me to consider that there might be silent inflammation in the nervous system. The patient doesn’t even realize they’re on fire deep inside their tissues.

You could find trigger points, and it’s an interesting inflamed area, and work on that. We’ll use our mechanical techniques, massage, manipulative adjustments, and cranial work to get the flow back into the human body and remove the obstacles to cure.

But we are talking about a clinically specific patient assessment, where you are learning to palpate in a way that even the best training school in the world for osteopathy doesn’t have.

We’re doing surgery without knives as osteopaths anyway. But this is taking it to the next level and tracking things back so that you can get to the level of causation and then intervene with a device and therapy that has immediate results.

Tell us about a case scenario that took a long time to obtain the desired results, but you could do it faster with ANF.

We’re an osteopathic clinic, and patients often come in with low back pain and sciatic issues. Some of those can go very deep where you’ve got disc herniation and massive inflammation. Whether it’s acute or chronic, there are significant factors at work. Pain may radiate down into the leg because the nerves are affected. It’s very obvious to the patient when that’s happening.

We see a lot of patients with a lot of inflammation over the pelvis and the lower back. It’s straightforward to palpate for those.
And using ANF Therapy, you can immediately get results when you apply the devices on patients with that kind of pain syndrome, whether it’s acute or chronic.
They’ll see an increased ability to move pain-free. ” 

It’s impressive when you lie the patient down, palpate properly, and get into the nerves. You find the nerves that are angry and inflamed. When there’s a fire in the nervous system, and you place ANF Devices, that patient knows exactly how painful it was when you press the nerve the first time. And then, you press the nerve the next time after the device has had a chance to work. They drink a little water, and then we leave them on for a few minutes. If it’s not seconds, it’s minutes. And then you press back in there and ask them how it feels.

We expect a 50% or more improvement. That’s the minimum because if you don’t have that, you’ve got the wrong therapy device, and we didn’t get to the root cause of the issue. And the patient, at that point, will say, you’re not pressing as hard as you did before. And then you lean into it to show them, and they feel the pressure, but there’s no pain. So yes, if we are working with pain patterns in and around the lower back, that would be the second most helpful aspect regarding the condition. But the first one, hands-down, it’s a frozen shoulder.

How many treatment sessions does it take to address the pain?

It depends. A person might have cut the grass and ripped the tissue in their back because they had started the lawn mower badly. Other times, the back problem has come on slowly. It just depends. It’s impossible to say how many sessions.

We get excellent results without ANF. We’re a busy clinic. We’ve got great results, and we’ve never done any marketing. Everyone comes because of word of mouth. I was happy with my results until a peer showed me that ANF existed. When I went and sat with Dr. Mikel, I spoke with him. I immediately understood that he was a master in understanding frequencies and how they affect the human body.

I was thrilled with my results. I didn’t know there was more. I didn’t know there was this possibility of instantly affecting the living tissues and nerves. I can take control of the human nervous system and then direct resources for healing into an area and how you can work with the blood flow and the lymphatic components. I had no idea there was that possibility.

Even though we have all sorts of other modalities that have that effect, this is unique. The way on the continuum of the medical model, it takes a vast central space. That’s my understanding of it. We still need to do other things, but ANF has a massive role in the future of medicine without drugs and surgery without knives.