Florin Ilea, Massage Therapist, Romania
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Florin Ilea is a massage therapist & certified ANF therapist from Romania.

“I cannot imagine running my practice without using
ANF Devices.”

What conditions can you now treat that you couldn’t treat before?

I can now treat various conditions such as sleep disorders, knee pain, lower back pain, shoulder discomfort, cervical issues, disc hernias, and multiple injuries that can cause significant discomfort to my patients. I now have the solution for these troublesome conditions.

Can you achieve pain reduction for your patients in the first treatment?

Yes, absolutely. If you understand how to use and where to place the ANF Devices optimally, it’s possible to reduce pain by more than 50%, sometimes even eliminating it.” 

How has your approach to patients changed since you began using the ANF Device in your practice?

Since incorporating the ANF Device into my practice, I have studied my patients’ symptoms and their root causes. Now, I spend time understanding the broader context of their illness and its origin, so I am able to help my clients with the appropriate ANF Devices. It’s all about identifying the root cause of the disease.

Did you notice any change in patient outcomes after completing the first ANF education level?

Yes, indeed. In AP1, we learn how to apply five different ANF Devices. These five devices alone can potentially transform a patients life significantly.

How do you envision your practice today without using ANF Devices?

I cannot imagine running my practice without using ANF Devices. It’s as simple as that.