Yaman Qattea, Doctor of Physical Therapy
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Ciprian is a physiotherapist, certified ANF Therapist & Instructor.

“ANF is family!”

What do you like most about your career, and did it change since you joined ANF?

A lot of things changed. The first thing is that now I look at the patients differently; I gained a new perspective.

Before, I was trying to provide a diagnosis based on the symptoms only and treating them as many therapists do, but patients kept coming back with the same issues.

Now, when I see a patient, I try to find and address the root cause of the issue/condition. It is a mindset, and I’m at the point where I can do much more for the patients by creating long-lasting results.

Following the ANF Education and when you start applying the ANF Device, everything changes as you see the difference in your patients’ results.

Before, after 10-30 sessions, patient results were similar. The changes are visible after 10 minutes when I apply the ANF Devices.

When treating orthopedic cases, the results are immediate. A few sessions and everything changes for a patient.

That is the difference between before and after when implementing ANF in my clinic.

Does that mean that with ANF, you can create long-lasting results?

Yes, definitely.

What is your formula for personal & professional growth?

The formula is very simple, and I have had it since childhood: “Never give up. Nothing is impossible. “

ANF is not just this device; ANF is a family. ANF is:

1. An education completely different from those taught in the universities.

2. A family that supports you all the time. When you encounter a problem, someone will always help you. Support is very important.

3. The ANF Device is the tool we use to obtain the results.

These 3 things combined give you great results in the clinic. That is why it is so nice to be part of this family.

Shoulder Pain

 What is your message for those that are considering joining ANF Education?

The education you had in the past will only help you treat the symptoms.

ANF will teach you to find and address the problem’s source. And trust me, you can achieve incredible results.

If you want to join this family and are ready for the challenge (because it is a challenge, it is hard work), and you want to make a difference for yourself and your patients, you should join the journey.

Did you boost your clinic income since you joined ANF?

Yes, it comes in a package. You will create amazing results once you start using ANF on your patients. Then, people start talking, and you get patients from different parts of the country.

I am in France and get patients from different places without marketing, just by word of mouth.

As the number of patients increases, so does the income. That is, of course, a consequence of the results you get with this therapy.

ANF will change everything in your clinic. You can be sure of it.