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Introduction to human neurological frequencies and biochemical functions and ANF Therapy®’s integrative approach to inflammation and neurological dysfunctions.

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The most convenient way to get started is to jump on this Online Interactive version of ANF Academy, where we deliver amazing theoretical content online, which has proven sufficient to create amazing patient results after the first few days.

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  • Introduction to ANF Therapy®, a unique integrative approach to correct the interrupted oscillation caused by injury or inflammation
    Definition of Neuro Frequencies and their impact on orthopaedic injuries
  • Understanding the Neurological System, the inflamed nerve, and the development of musculoskeletal symptoms
  • Importance of our Biochemical Resources and the obstacles to tissue healing
  • Neurological Dysfunction in Orthopaedic Tissue Injuries
  • Management of injuries and inflammation with ANF Neuro Tech Devices and design of ANF Protocols for common orthopaedic injuries

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