Help Us Make A Significant Difference In The Healthcare Community
By Joining Our ANF Academy Course Affiliate Program!

ANF Academy Course Affiliate

Help Us Make A Significant Difference In The Healthcare Community By Joining Our ANF Academy Course Affiliate Program!

ANF Academy
Course Affiliate

Becoming an ANF Academy Course Affiliate provides a unique opportunity to be part of a forward-thinking healthcare community where you can contribute to advancing healthcare practices. 

Our goal is to foster a unique ecosystem of partners who not only align with our mission but also resonate with the core principles we uphold. 

If you are passionate about this cause and wish to be part of our network, you are welcome to apply or reach out for more details at

At the core of our philosophy lies a firm belief in the transformative power of networks and the significance of cultivating high-quality, meaningful relationships with our partners.

€450 Reasons To Join

ANF Academy Course Affiliate Program

✔ How?

  • When you refer another medical professional who enrolls in Module A (AP1-2-3) and is accepted you will receive €150. If they enroll to AP1 ONLY you will receive €100.
  • If the referred professional continues their education by purchasing Module B (AP4-5-6), you will receive an additional €100.
  • And if the referred professional continues their education by purchasing Module C (AP7-8-APEX), you will receive an additional €200.

✔ Use your unique link as it ties your referrals to you, ensuring you receive from all future sales they make, no matter when – next month or next year. Link is valid for 120 days.

✔ We have a dedicated ANF Team Service to support you.

Start Earning In 4 Simple Steps

1. Sign up through the button below.

2. Log in to your dashboard.

3. Copy and share your Unique Affiliate Link,

or download and share your QR Code via email, social media, and more.

4. Promote to your audience.

Who We Are?

ANF Academy is an educational institution that educates medical professionals on the effective application of ANF Therapy®.

The Academy’s comprehensive curriculum integrates human anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and neuroscience, focusing on neuro frequency medicine and emphasising hands-on clinical training.

It offers detailed modules on neurology, biochemistry, and frequency medicine, along with practical clinical training, enabling practitioners to diagnose and treat various health issues effectively.

This transformative educational experience equips medical professionals with revolutionary tools and insights, enhancing their practice and patient outcomes.

Additionally, ANF Academy builds a community of healthcare innovators, providing a network for knowledge exchange and collaboration, and positions practitioners at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

What is ANF Therapy®?

ANF Therapy® employs circular devices, known as ANF Devices, that are applied to the skin and designed to alleviate pain and improve health without invasive methods like needles or chemicals.

Treatment begins with a health questionnaire, assessment, and physical examination, followed by applying these devices, which emit frequencies to rebalance the body’s neurological system.

As these devices are activated by body heat, they work to normalize disrupted neural pathways, offering both immediate symptom relief and long-term health benefits.

This method not only relieves pain but also targets the underlying causes of health issues. ANF Therapy® offers a holistic approach to health, aiming to restore overall balance and well-being.

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Here Are The 3 Key Elements That Will Boost
Your ANF Academy Course Affiliate Income:


1. Deepen Your ANF Therapy® Knowledge

Understand the core principles, technology, and impact of ANF Therapy®. Your expertise will increase your credibility and effectiveness in recommendations.

2. Create Compelling Content Or Simple Share Our Content

Create influential, engaging content for:

  • blogs / landing pages / emails
  • videos / reels
  • carousels

…..and don’t forget to share your link! It is valid for 120 days.

3. Expand and Utilize Your Network

Engage with health professionals and wellness enthusiasts. Leverage social media and industry events for networking, turning each contact into a potential referral opportunity.


Frequently Asked Questions About ANF Academy Affiliate Program

Payments are processed via PayPal (note that PayPal fees may apply). The payout period is set at 30 days.

Additionally, if you are an ANF Therapist, you have the option to receive your earnings as credit in the store instead of a direct monetary transfer.

Your personalized referral link will remain active in the cookie for 120 days. 

NO! Your earning potential with us is boundless. The more sales you generate, the more you can earn.

Paid advertising is not allowed in the ANF Academy Course Affiliate program. We encourage you to email your email lists, write organic social media posts, write articles about the quests we offer or give direct referrals.

ANF Academy Course Affiliate Partner Program is FREE to join.


All medical professionals with a minimum of 2 years of experience if they fall within any of the below sectors:


    • Physiotherapist
    • ​Manual Therapist
    • ​Osteopath
    • ​Chiropractor
    • ​Doctor / Surgeon
    • ​Podiatrist
    • ​Holistic Doctor
    • ​Physical Therapist
    • ​Neurotherapist
    • ​Registered Nurse
    • ​Occupational Therapist
    • ​Rehab Specialist
    • ​Sports Therapist
    • ​Licensed Massage Therapist

Here are the criteria:

Upon enrolling in a course, individuals gain membership to the ANF Community. This membership grants them access to various resources including an E-learning platform, the ANF Shop, exclusive Facebook and WhatsApp group participation, as well as coaching and mentoring sessions. Additionally, they will receive ongoing help and support without any limitations.

If they do not ask for a refund within 30 days, you still get paid.

Important Consideration For ANF Academy Course Affiliate Applicants:

Our program attracts many applications every week. While we are truly grateful for this overwhelming interest, it does mean that we cannot provide individual responses to each application.

Rest assured, however, that each submission is given thorough and thoughtful consideration. Our team meticulously reviews every application to ensure alignment with our program’s values and objectives.

Should your application align seamlessly with our criteria, you can expect to hear from us within 30 days. If you do not receive a response within 30 days, please contact us at

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