Claire Dunkley, Nurse, Australia

Claire Dunkley is a nurse, certified ANF Therapist & Instructor from Australia.
When did you choose to implement ANF, and how was your journey?

I decided to open my clinic, and that was five years ago. 

Opening my clinic was an investment. What I loved about it was that I didn’t need to spend much money on different machines.

You buy the devices, and you get your money back straight away.

So return on the investment was/is really good and quick. Devices only take up a little storage space. I work four days a week, and I’m fully booked weeks in advance.  

Nothing helps people like ANF Therapy®️.
What did you learn through ANF that no other tool/therapy showed you?

I have learned more about the human body and how it works in the last 5 years than in 3 degrees & 20 years in healthcare. 

Education at ANF Academy has unlocked everything. Everything they teach you here makes sense.

What do your patients say about ANF?

They love it. I’ve got all kinds of nicknames, such as ‘button lady’ or ‘sticker lady.’ They believe that ANF Devices are pure magic. 

My patients have been in pain for a long time and have seen many health professionals. They usually come to me after surgery that didn’t work or before surgery to avoid it. 

Within the first treatment, their pain is reduced by 50%, and then, in 2 weeks to 3 months, they get their lives back.

How can you, as a nurse, help people with chronic pain?

Before, when I worked in the hospital, I gave them drug after drug, but the pain remained. Of course, I was unable to give a diagnosis.

But now, when people with chronic pain come to me, I search for the root cause of their pain and address it with ANF Devices. Their body starts to heal thanks to the information & resources it needs.

What would you say to those that never heard of ANF Academy Education or want to join?

Just do it! 

Most healthcare professionals choose this career because they want to help people. But trust me; nothing helps people like ANF Therapy®️. 

It is the most mind-blowing, amazing therapy I have ever seen. The education you get here you will not find anywhere else.

You can always learn something new, even me as an instructor.

You are never alone; there is always someone to mentor & help you, thousands of therapists worldwide in all different modalities.

You can’t find that kind of support anywhere else.

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