Trypanophobia (Fear of Needles) & ANF Therapy®️
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According to recent statistics, 25% of the population in the United States have a fear of needles, and 16% of the population skip their vaccination due to trypanophobia. Trypanophobia is related to an extreme or irrational fear of needles and syringes. Most people with trypanophobia or fear of needles don’t get treatment and miss their appointments.

ANF Therapy ®️ is a unprecedented therapy that helps people with trypanophobia. ANF Therapists do not use needles, transdermal injections or syringes, which has made the treatment of patients with trypanophobia much easier. As a therapist or healthcare professional, you can join ANF Academy to learn how to treat people without using needles and syringes.

What is Trypanophobia?

The word “trypanophobia” is a Greek word derived from “typano”, meaning “piercing or insertion”. People with this phobia get extremely anxious when they come across pins, needles, syringes, and sharp objects.

This psychological problem can lead to adverse consequences if severe. Patients miss their medical checkups and essential treatment leading to the deterioration of health.

Why Do People Have A Fear Of Needles?

Trypanophobia or fear of needles is common in 2 to 3% of children and 16% of adults. There are many risk factors for the development of this phobia. A few of them are the following:

– Family history of trypanophobia
– Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
– History of accident or trauma related to sharp objects and needles
– Fear of getting ill (hypochondria)
– Germaphobia or mysophobia
– Anxiety disorders like generalised anxiety disorders (GAD), Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), or – major depressive disorders (MDD)
– Hypersensitivity to a painful stimulus (Hyperalgesia)
– Vasovagal reaction leading to vasovagal syncope after seeing needles

Symptoms of Trypanophobia:
Patients with trypanophobia get intense anxiety attacks even after having thought of any medical procedure that uses needles or sharp objects. Severe anxiety can lead to panic attacks and fainting. The following are symptoms of trypanophobia:

– Anxiety
– Fainting or vasovagal syncope
– Palpitations and sweating during the insertion of the needle
– Nausea and vomiting
– Insomnia, many days before an appointment for a medical procedure
– Increased or decreased blood pressure

Trypanophobia can affect the mental as well as physical health of patients. They can have dreadful nights, nightmares, and unpleasant thoughts due to upcoming medical appointments. They can skip investigations involving blood tests, vaccinations, and routine medical treatment due to this fear. These factors contribute to progression of the disease, leading to decreased longevity and death.

How to Treat Trypanophobia?

As a healthcare professional, you should never underestimate trypanophobia. Trypanophobia can be treated by the following methods:

1-Exposure Therapy:
Gradual exposure to needles and sharp objects can lessen the fear of patients. Supervised and step-by-step desensitisation of sharp objects can help. For example, ask your patient to look at pictures and videos of needles and sharp objects. When they get desensitised, ask them to hold a syringe without a needle, and then try injecting it into a toy or teddy bear in front of the patient. After gradual desensitisation, proceed with the medical procedures.

2-Cognitive Behavioural Therapy:
Cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT can help your patients reframe his thoughts and overcome fears. Healthcare professionals can help the patient build coping strategies.

In severe cases, medications can be prescribed to save the life of a patient. Sedatives and anxiolytics can be given to the patient to perform life-saving procedures.

How Does ANF Therapy®️ Help Patients with Trypanophobia?

ANF Therapy ®️ is a specialised approach to treat medical problems by using ANF Devices. ANF Therapy ®️ does not involve use of any needles, pins, or sharp objects.

As a healthcare professional, you can master the art of treating your patients without using a single needle and help patients with trypanophobia. You can sign up for an ANF Master Class today and learn how to treat muscle injuries, inflammation, chronic pain, and many medical problems without using needles and sharp objects.

How To Join ANF Therapy®️ As a Healthcare Professional?

ANF Therapy®️ is a holistic approach integrated with the knowledge of anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, and neuroscience of the human body.

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About ANF Therapy®️

ANF Therapy®️ uses circular ANF Devices, which are applied directly on the skin after palpation and assessment by a trained ANF Therapist following the ANF Therapy®️ Method, Patented Model no. U202030252, ES1259974.
The purpose of ANF Therapy is to alleviate injury and pain within minutes.

Our aim is that the patient experiences a reduction of pain and swelling, an increase in range of motion, and an improvement in quality of life related to health. Non-transdermal non-invasive devices, NO needles or chemicals are used.