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Why ANF Academy?

More than 10 years of educating +1400 Worldwide

HealthCare Professionals on NeuroBioFrequency Functions

Unique High-Level

Education Program based on extensive knowledge

of the complexity of human anatomy, physiology and neuroscience.

NeuroBioFrequency Education Centre

Exclusively for HealthCare Professionals

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What is ANF Academy?

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1074+ Stories of Transformation

Dr. Mohammed AbuAli

Physiotherapist  UAE

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Orthopedic ANF Therapist & ANF Instructor

Chuck Renner

Occupational Therapist   USA

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Holistic ANF Practitioner & ANF Instructor

Dr. Geoffrey Montague-Smith

Osteopath & Holistic Practitioner  UK

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Holistic ANF Practitioner & ANF Instructor

How does ANF Academy Work?

1. Learn

Take your clinical skills and knowledge up a notch with the world’s most comprehensive holistic approach for Orthopaedic Issues

Our program is divided into eight levels. Each module is created in a simple manner, and students have access to an e-learning platform that includes videos, PDFs, quizzes, mentorship, and coaching.

You will be taught by amazing instructors who will guide you throughout the journey.

Level by level you’ll unlock the potential which you’ve always looked for.

And the best? You can start seeing results after just completing the 1st level … and once you’ve completed each level, you’ll be the Master yourself.


Neurological Knowledge

Understand the complexity and the functions of the nervous system to allow the body to self-heal with the use of the ANF therapy

  • Human neurological frequencies
  • Neurobiochemical functions of the nervous system
  • Neurological priority system
  • Fusions of neural resources for healing and optimizing functions
  • Neurological process of healing and recovery
  • Neurological dysfunctions of pain and inflammation

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Clinical Training

Teach the ANF students the outstanding palpatory skill of the skeletomuscular, nervous, lymphatic, digestive, and endocrine systems to find the root causes of any pain, injury, and/or pathology and treat them with the help of ANF therapy.

  • Advanced clinical skills
  • Clinical neurological examination
  • Feel and assess healthy versus inflamed nerves
  • Physical consequences of damaged neurological oscillation
  • Find the root cause of any pain, injury or pathology
  • Optimization of neurological functions
  • Treat the root cause, not the symptoms

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Biochemistry Knowledge

Understand the role of cells, molecules, hormones, and vitamins, … and their interactions necessary to facilitate the fusions and frequencies required to repair the dysfunctions

Understand the role of the different organs and glands and their communication/ interactions with the different cells to normalize and restore proper fusions

  • Clinical Neuroscience
  • Neurological fusions and functions
  • Neuro Biochemical resources of the lymphatic, cardiovascular and nervous systems
  • Cell communication and bio functions
  • Biochemical immune response
  • …… Lymphatic

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Goal & Outcome

Educate the healthcare professional on neurobiofrequency medicine.

  • Deliver high-level knowledge to healthcare professionals in the understanding of the human body’s neurological & biochemical function by learning and discovering the consequences of damaged neurological oscillation.
  • Provide the theoretical and clinical skills to find the root cause of injuries & pathologies.
  • Educate therapists on how to use ANF Therapy® and provide them with a unique and revolutionary solution to the biochemical & neurological development of pain and inflammation to normalize most of the patients’ dysfunctions.

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Frequency medicine

Revolutionary and advanced technology which allows the body to repair itself by using neuro frequencies without the use of drugs and their side effects.

  • Advanced technology
  • Neurological frequencies to optimize body functions
  • Repairing neurological dysfunctions
  • Non-invasive neurological optimization
  • Nonchemical treatment
  • Long-term results on patients
  • Fast results

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Key Leaders Frequency Medicine

Key Leaders of Frequency Medicine Article


“It was a wonderful course. I acquired useful information and new therapy.

I learned ANF because I wanted a new and different therapy with strong and fast results for patients.
The knowledge you provide is very impressive, comprehensive, and accurate.
ANF Discs are amazing because they are drug-free. Many patients do not want to take medication as a treatment and need something new and helpful.
My experience with ANF was helpful and excellent. ANF Discs helped me in my work a lot.”


Ameer Marabeh

Physiotherapist   Palestine


Popular Courses

Choose what fits your calendar

 In Person Practical Course AP1P


A fully In Person and practical experience where you will learn both the theoretical, practical content and experience application of ANF Therapy on yourself, course peers and Test Patients during the Course

These Practical Courses is available in the ANF Academy in Spain and also with multible locan Instructors around the World, covering Oceania, USA, Europe and the Middle East.

24 hours practical attendance

2 hours self study

Hybrid Course AP1H


Get the best from both the online & in person trainings, take advantage of the freedom of the theoretical online content and enjoy the guided practical training In Person.  

3 x 3 hours online

8 hours practical attendance

5 hours self study & implementation

Online Interactive Course AP1


Most convienient way to get started is to jump on this Online Interactive version of ANF Academy, where we make sure to deliver amazing Theoretical Content online which have proven to be suffient to create amazing Patient results already after the first few days.

Meanwhile we offer you recorded palpation and application guiding to the practical part though we will not be in the same room

3 x 3 hours interactive online

21 hours self study & implementation

2. Palpate & Apply

Take your clinical skills and knowledge to the next level with the world’s most comprehensive holistic approach for Orthopaedic Issues

ANF basic neurological examination of inflamed main nerves and clinical assessment of soft tissues & the different states of inflammation. Application of different combinations of ANF Devices to normalise injuries.
ANF advanced neurological & clinical examination techniques to recognise inflammation development & examine main and specialised nerves and the lymphatic system. Advanced protocols and combinations for orthopedic injuries.

“The wearable Discs are simple for the patient to use, and the patients can feel the ANF Discs working within minutes, sometimes instantly.

ANF Therapy has allowed me as a therapist to enhance my ability to help with the underlying cause of inflammation which leads to injury, pain, and disease. I love that I now have tools to help the body heal itself, improve nervous system function, and boost the immune system for overall health, vitality, and performance.


Susan Rushford

Manual Therapist   USA


Therapists ANF Courses


  • Personal Growth

  • Intense Learning

  • Knowledge Sharing

    ANF Instructors


  • Teaching Knowledge
  • Guiding & Mentoring
  • High Acheivements

ANF Academy Spain


  • Learning Oasis
  • Fun & Joy & Friendships
  • The Best Times

3. Transformation

Deliver outcomes that will endure a lifetime. Your journey begins right here.

Increase the potential of your clinic and give the fastest outcomes to your patients. With this medical breakthrough, you can reach your career objectives faster than ever before.


I really enjoyed the course and found it to be both challenging and rewarding. There was high practical learning and application element and I learned many new elements of ANF Therapy and practice.
Immediately after applying the ANF therapy, my clinic’s reputation skyrocketed and honestly, I didn’t even expect to see such fast growth. I wish I would have learned about ANF sooner.

ANF Therapy enables health practitioners to look beyond the basics of a patient’s problem, embracing holistic healthcare, and providing a drug-free alternative to managing pain, underlying systemic pathologies, and many health issues.


Kylie Latu

Physiotherapist    Australia


What Practitioners have said

Helen Slama, Physical Therapist, USA

I learned so much, it deffinetly opened my mind. It is a different view on how to treat patients. Just take the course and you will see.

Geoffrey Montagne-Smith, Osteopath, UK

I didn’t know how immediate these frequencies when applied to the body and in the correct place, would impact the physiology of the body.

Daniel Figueredo, Manual Therapist, USA

Ever since I joined ANF Education, there are so many things I can do for my patients.

Paul Carlson, Physical Therapist, USA

I thought I had a good clinical understanding until I came to the ANF Academy.

Krista Merrill, Manual Therapist & NKT, USA

I have seen amazing things happen through the ANF treatment wit my and my peer’s clients.

Connect & Enjoy

Be a member of a community that encourages you and where everyone has the same aspirations as you.

Join the thousands of therapists across the world who are effectively improving the lives of their patients faster than ever before. Interact with like-minded people and co-create your trip in a welcoming and safe environment.

I feel like ANF Academy is my second home!

Learning and developing with likeminded practitioners while enjoying a magnificent setting and having fun with my new ‘family members’ is the best.

Santiago Villamill

Physiotherapist, Florida, USA

Meet The Master Instructors Behind ANF Academy

They will deliver your Online Interactive Theory Part

Dr. Mikel H-G Hoff

ANF Founder, Course Developer & Master Instructor

  • Bachelor of Medicine

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry of Nervous System

  • Psychologist

" When Nothing Else helps!

Irina Heinisuo

ANF Course Developer & Master Instructor

  • Physiotherapy Degree

  • Master in Innovative & Reseach, Health Science

  • Master in Clinic Psychoneuroimmunology

" Helping patients has never been so amazing!

Jolanta Lewandowska

ANF Course Developer & Master Instructor

  • Manual Therapy Diploma

  • Physiotherapy Diploma

  • Sports Performance & Recovery

" ANF is beyond anything that I have ever learned!

Start your transformation with ANF Therapy

Enroll in the course today to have access to the best of ANF Therapy.


You’ll discover the most innovative therapy approach. 

You will get transformational knowledge and high-level palpation abilities that are not yet taught in mainstream education.

And you’ll be able to connect with a growing community where everyone shares the same aspirations as you, that is to bring better results in their patients’ lives and reach their clinical goals faster.

 All on one revolutionary online learning platform.

What Practitioners have said

therapists educated

in countries

practical courses

Online courses

Let's Work Together To Change The World Of Healthcare

In your first course with us, you’ll learn the interactive theory around ANF Therapy, how the ANF devices work, and all the different ways you can use ANF to help your patients. You’ll also learn how to manage and respond to common questions, concerns, or resistance from skeptical or hesitant patients.

You’ll receive 9 hours of interactive study and 21 hours of self-paced, self-study materials.
You may choose from a fully interactive online experience, a hybrid-style online and in-person practical experience, or a fully in-person practical experience.


Online Course

Online interactive attending with Instructor

3 x 3 hours online

21 hours self study & implementation


Hybrid Course

Theory online + practical In Person with Instructor

Courses in multiple languages

3 x 3 hours online

8 hours practical attendance

5 hours self study & implementation



Practical Course

Theory & Practical In Person with Instructor

Courses in multiple languages

24 hours practical attendance

2 hours self study


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