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ANF Education Level AP3

ANF Methodology for Optimizing Neurological Oscillation

Neurological oscillation and normalization of the body´s ability to self heal. Reconizing different levels of neurological dysfunctions and available resources.





self study



Inflammation & Neurological Frequencies. The ANF Neuro Tech Device

What’s Included ?

Learning hours:

  • Masterclass online: 4.5
  • Reading materials: 3
  • Quizzes & tests: 1
  • Home practice with demo videos: 2
  • Group forum: 1
  • Assignment (cases): 5
  • Mentoring: 2
  • Course evaluation and feedback

Part I:

  • Phases of Healing
  • Phases of Treatment
  • palpation

Part II:

  • Basic Injuries and Palpation
  • Disc Placement
  • Treatment Plan

ANF Courses:

  • 4 new ANF Devices Overview and Instructions
  • Treatment Protocols
  • Phases of Treatment
  • Full online e-learning platform
    Inflammation & Neurological Frequencies. The ANF Neuro Tech Device
    *Note: You will NOT have access to the next course material and blocks until you have completed the previous Course
    (i.e. once AP1 is completed, you will have access to AP2 and so on)

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