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ANF Workshops APT123 & APT456


Palpation & Clinical Training Workshops

Continue Your ANF Journey
Refine and train your Palpation Skills Locally in the UAE with these workshops listed here




Interactive Duration: 4 or 8 hrs


Who can join aPT123:

Any ANF therapist with AP1 level or above

Who can join aPT456:

Any ANF therapist with AP4 level or above

Inflammation & Neurological Frequencies. The ANF Neuro Tech Device

What will You learn on the

Practical Workshops?

APT123 Clinical Training


Take your clinical skills and knowledge to the next level with the world’s most comprehensive holistic approach for Orthopaedic Issues gaining outstanding palpatory skill of the skeletomuscular and nervous systems to find the root causes of any pain, injury, and/or pathology and treat them with the help of ANF therapy.


You will be taught by amazing instructors who will guide you throughout the journey, You will feel the palpations on your own body to deeply understand how it feels for better application to patients.
Course APT123 & APT456 will unlock further potential of ANF Therapy® then we are able to provide on the online courses.

  • Advanced clinical skills
  • Clinical neurological examination
  • Feel and assess healthy versus inflamed nerves
  • Physical consequences of damaged neurological oscillation
  • Find the root cause of any pain, injury or pathology
  • Optimization of neurological functions
  • Treat the root cause, not the symptoms

The ANF Clinical Training is an advanced training on how to examine the human body in order to find any injury or chronic issue and educate the understanding of the symptoms and referred pain, since they might not be the source of the problem. Initially, the training provides the skills to find and feel the main nerves and identify the level of inflammation. Educate the different phases of treatment to create results on patients utilizing the ANF neuro tech devices according to the phases of healing of injured tissues. Then, the training continues with advanced clinical skills that help the therapist to examine in a rigorous manner the human body, the musculoskeletal system (tendons, muscles, joints and attachments), the nervous system (main nerves and branches), and other important structures that can be the source of the injury due to the connection between the musculoskeletal system and the rest of the body. Provide expertise on the ANF Therapy® method to manage injuries and inflammation and obtain optimal outcomes for the patient.

APT456 Clinical Training


Takes you deeper into the palpatory skill of the nervous, lymphatic, digestive, and endocrine systems to gain better outcome with the AP4, AP5 and AP6 Theoretic Courses ANF therapy.


You will feel the palpations on your own body to deeply understand how it feels for better application to patients.
Course APT456 will unlock further insight to:

  • Palpation of key points of the Lymphatic system
  • More advanced clinical detection skills
  • Clinical neurological examination
  • Energy Optimization Placements
  • Optimization of neurological functions
  • Resource Placement and how to identify when and where

Best Part! 

You can join these Workshops as often as you like to dig deeper into your palpations skills and enjoy the mentoring from the very skilled ANF Instructors


Your Local UAE Instructors

– For Local UAE Palpation & Practical Workshops

– For Local In Person Courses

Dr. Mohammad Abu Ali

ANF Pain Therapist

ANF Pain Instructor

  • Physiotherapy Degree

” When Nothing Else helps!

Dr. Renata Von Kouh-Wright

ANF Holistic Practitioner

ANF Pain Instructor

  • Physiotherapy Degree

  • Osteopathic Doctor

” Helping patients has never been so amazing!

Practical & Palpation Workshops

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