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Are You Ready to Be an Expert in Inflammation Reduction?

Here’s how expert medical professionals are helping their patients change their lives for the better in just a few office visits.

Calling All Health & Wellness Professionals!

We all know that inflammation is the secret killer.

It’s at the heart of every single ailment known to man — from heart disease to simple aches and pains.

But what we’re not taught in medical school is that all of that inflammation is caused by damaged frequencies in our nervous systems. And that these frequencies can be fixed.

Introducing ANF Therapy® a revolutionary way to help the human body heal from inflammation and oxidative stress.

At ANF Academy, we train medical professionals to use this therapy to support their patients properly. If you’re looking for an alternative or complementary treatment option, ANF Therapy® could be the answer you’ve been searching for.

So What Is It?

The human nervous system controls every single organ and function of the body. So naturally, when there are damaged or broken frequencies in the nervous system, disorders develop, and symptoms appear. ANF Therapy® uses devices charged with neuro frequencies to target and repair these damaged waves, restoring your patients’ health quickly and effectively. It can be applied to patients of all ages — from infants to the elderly. ANF Therapy® is non-invasive and non-chemical. Plus, it has proven clinical results for a wide range of symptoms.

If you’re looking to add a service to expand your clientele, make your business recession-proof, and become an expert in inflammation reduction, then ANF Therapy® is for you.

With our comprehensive training program, you’ll be able to help your patients live pain-free and get back to living their life fully — all within a few visits.

Here’s What Makes The ANF Therapy® So Unique

We’re building a movement of practitioners who are dedicated to finally bringing relief to their patients using ANF Therapy®, while understanding the complexities of the human body in a more meaningful way.

The human body is a WHOLE organism, and oftentimes conditions are treated symptomatically, system by system, without looking at the whole picture or getting to the root cause.

ANF Therapy® looks at the individual body as a whole, so you can actually treat what’s causing your patients’ conditions from the root, not just mask their symptoms.

As An ANF Therapy® Practitioner, You Will…

  • Treat patients who have tried it all and have lost hope in traditional medical solutions.
  • Help those who haven’t responded to other treatments.
  • Be a part of a movement that is changing how healthcare is delivered in the 21st century.
  • Working with cutting-edge technology and learning new techniques for treating chronic conditions.
  • Making a real difference in patients’ lives by helping them get back to living the life they love.

If you’re ready to make a difference in people’s lives and become an expert in inflammation reduction, join us today! Enroll now and get 50% off your AP1 tuition. We look forward to having you on board!

Here’s What You’ll Get With Our Base Certification:

  • You will be taught by amazing instructors who will guide you throughout the journey with 9 hours of interactive course modules, and 21 hours of self-study materials.
  • Course AP1 will unlock the potential of ANF Therapy® and give you the tool which you’ve always looked for.
  • Just days after completing the course, you will be able to implement it in your clinic and apply it to your patients.
  • You’ll receive a set of our proprietary ANF Devices to use in your clinic and complete your course requirements.
  • Mentoring sessions, implementation guidance, case uploads, and collective knowledge & findings from our community.
  • Our ANF Therapy® Product Portal for easy clinic use.

I Am Ready To Take 50% Discount Instead Of Booking

Together, We’ll Go Over The Following Topics:

Neurological Knowledge
Understand the complexity and the functions of the nervous system to allow the body to self-heal with the use of ANF Therapy®
  • Human neurological frequencies
  • Neurobiochemical functions of the nervous system
  • Neurological priority system
  • Fusions of neural resources for healing and optimizing functions
  • Neurological process of healing and recovery
  • Neurological dysfunctions of pain and inflammation
Biochemistry Knowledge

Understand the role of cells, molecules, hormones, and vitamins, … and the interactions necessary to facilitate the fusions and frequencies required to repair the dysfunctions you encounter. You’ll also understand the role of the different organs and glands and their communication / interactions with the different cells to normalize and restore proper fusions.

  • Clinical Neuroscience
  • Neurological fusions and functions
  • Neuro Biochemical resources of the lymphatic, cardiovascular, and nervous systems
  • Cell communication and bio functions
  • Biochemical immune response
Frequency Medicine

You’ll understand the ANF Therapy® system’s revolutionary and advanced technology, which allows the body to repair itself by using neuro frequencies without the use of drugs and their side effects.

  • Advanced technology
  • Neurological frequencies to optimize body functions
  • Repairing neurological dysfunctions
  • Non-invasive neurological optimization
  • Nonchemical treatment
  • Long-term results on patients
  • Fast results
Clinical Training

You’ll understand our outstanding palpatory skill of the skeletomuscular, nervous, lymphatic, digestive, and endocrine systems to find the root causes of any pain, injury, and/or pathology and treat them with the help of ANF Therapy®.

  • Advanced clinical skills
  • Clinical neurological examination
  • Feel and assess healthy versus inflamed nerves
  • Physical consequences of damaged neurological oscillation
  • Find the root cause of any pain, injury, or pathology
  • Optimization of neurological functions
  • Treat the root cause, not the symptoms

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It! We Have Hundreds of Practitioners Certified Nationwide.

Our practitioners come from all different backgrounds, including physiotherapists, doctors, surgeons, physical and occupational therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and more. We’ve seen ANF Therapy® work for everyone – no matter your specialty. Check out what our certified practitioners have to say about their experiences with us.

Are You Ready to Help Your Patients Heal?

Sign up for ANF Therapy® today to start achieving your goals, building your practice, and improving the lives of your patients. With our support and training, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a certified ANF Therapy® practitioner in no time!