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An Innovative Therapy. Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF) Therapy is a revolutionary holistic approach to pain and inflammation.

Our aim is to educate professional therapists, so they can use the ANF Therapy to help more patients recover their health and improve their quality of life.

Based on the ANF Therapy framework, we examine the body following the nerve paths and focus on finding the root cause of the patient’s problem. According to the findings and related diagnosis, we apply our unique medical device, the ANF discs, in order to reduce pain, remove inflammation and prevent it from spreading via the nervous & lymphatic systems.

The therapy is a combination of clinical examination technique, diagnostic methodology, treatment with ANF Discs and manual therapy.

ANF Methodology

XXXx. Take your clinical skills and knowledge up a notch with the world’s most comprehensive holistic approach for Orthopaedic Issues

xxxxxx. Our program is divided into eight levels. Each module is created in a simple manner, and students have access to an e-learning platform that includes videos, PDFs, quizzes, mentorship, and coaching.

You will be taught by amazing instructors who will guide you throughout the journey.

Level by level you’ll unlock the potential which you’ve always looked for.

And the best? You can start seeing results after just completing the 1st level … and once you’ve completed each level, you’ll be the Master yourself.


ANF Knowledge

Neurological Knowledge

Understand the complexity and the functions of the nervous system to allow the body to self-heal with the use of the ANF therapy

  • Human neurological frequencies

  • Neurobiochemical functions of the nervous system

  • Neurological priority system

  • Fusions of neural resources for healing and optimizing functions

  • Neurological process of healing and recovery

  • Neurological dysfunctions of pain and inflammation 

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Educate the healthcare professional on the deep functions and the impact of the neurological biochemical processes of the nervous system in the human body. Instruct about the functions of the neurons, the fusions, and the human neurological frequencies. Provide knowledge about the most important system, the nervous system, that controls all body functions, organs, and systems, especially the immune system, and prioritizes the resources for healing and biochemical functions. Provide an understanding of the consequences of damage oscillation and neurological dysfunctions and instruct on the possibilities of repairing them.

Biochemistry Knowledge

Understand the role of cells, molecules, hormones, and vitamins, … and their interactions necessary to facilitate the fusions and frequencies required to repair the dysfunctions

Understand the role of the different organs and glands and their communication/ interactions with the different cells to normalize and restore proper fusions

  • Clinical Neuroscience

  • Neurological fusions and functions

  • Neuro Biochemical resources of the lymphatic, cardiovascular and nervous systems

  • Cell communication and bio functions

  • Biochemical immune response

  • …… Lymphatic

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Provide an understanding of the biochemical functions needed to normalize the human body, as well as the collaboration of the biochemical resources on other body systems. This understanding helps the therapist to find the source of the problem, instead of relying on the symptoms. For instance, it explains the reason for the referred pain and supports the principle “Never trust referred pain”. Understand the role and impact of different cells on neurons and the way they work together to normalize the body, optimize organs and systems, and support the biochemical priority line.

Frequency Medicine

Revolutionary and advanced technology which allows the body to repair itself by using neuro frequencies without the use of drugs and their side effects.

  • Advanced technology

  • Neurological frequencies to optimize body functions

  • Repairing neurological dysfunctions

  • Non-invasive neurological optimization

  • Nonchemical treatment

  • Long-term results on patients

  • Fast results

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Frequency medicine provides frequencies that have an effect on the body. Differing with commonly used electromagnetic equipment that reflects frequencies, neurological frequencies influence the biochemical functions in the body. Based on clinical neuroscience, the ability to strengthen and repair the body´s neurological frequencies are fundamental to avoiding disease or the development of invisible inflammation. The whole human body is frequencies, every cell or neuron creates millions of different fusions that create frequencies and functions for the immune response and healing. Built on this deep knowledge, the ANF neuro tech devices are charged with neurological frequencies that influence different biochemical functions. The learning on the ANF Therapy® method includes combining devices to create fusions and optimize functions to achieve beneficial effects.

Clinical Training

Teach the ANF students the outstanding palpatory skill of the skeletomuscular, nervous, lymphatic, digestive, and endocrine systems to find the root causes of any pain, injury, and/or pathology and treat them with the help of ANF therapy.

  • Advanced clinical skills

  • Clinical neurological examination

  • Feel and assess healthy versus inflamed nerves

  • Physical consequences of damaged neurological oscillation

  • Find the root cause of any pain, injury or pathology

  • Optimization of neurological functions

  • Treat the root cause, not the symptoms

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The ANF Clinical Training is an advanced training on how to examine the human body in order to find any injury or chronic issue and educate the understanding of the symptoms and referred pain, since they might not be the source of the problem. Initially, the training provides the skills to find and feel the main nerves and identify the level of inflammation. Educate the different phases of treatment to create results on patients utilizing the ANF neuro tech devices according to the phases of healing of injured tissues. Then, the training continues with advanced clinical skills that help the therapist to examine in a rigorous manner the human body, the musculoskeletal system (tendons, muscles, joints and attachments), the nervous system (main nerves and branches), and other important structures that can be the source of the injury due to the connection between the musculoskeletal system and the rest of the body. Provide expertise on the ANF Therapy® method to manage injuries and inflammation and obtain optimal outcomes for the patient.

Goal & Outcome

Educate the healthcare professional on neurobiofrequency medicine.

  • Deliver high-level knowledge to healthcare professionals in the understanding of the human body’s neurological & biochemical function by learning and discovering the consequences of damaged neurological oscillation.

  • Provide the theoretical and clinical skills to find the root cause of injuries & pathologies.

  • Educate therapists on how to use ANF Therapy® and provide them with a unique and revolutionary solution to the biochemical & neurological development of pain and inflammation to normalize most of the patients’ dysfunctions.

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